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Istanbul photography walks
The Grand Bazaar and it's Rooftops
This very popular photography walk brings you through the back streets of the 500 year old Grand Bazaar past the touristy clutter and into the areas where time stands still. We go through it’s narrow passages, a labyrinth of streets, onto its varied rooftops and into it's dignified Byzantine Caravansaries, where we visit Armenian silversmiths and Kurdish textile wholesalers.  
A delight for the eyes. Onto the rooftops, we get varied views of this wonderful city with all its contrasting light and colors, domes, skyscrapers, seas and bridges.  
From the crowds to oases of silence.
At the end there is an optional lunch in a local restaurant from the southeastern city of Mardin or a simple tea and snack on the way. 
Duration: 3 hours
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