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Istanbul Photography Walks

The Asian Side I : Kadıköy and Üsküdar


This walk starts in the colorful and lively fish market of Kadikoy and into the silence of a sweet Armenian chapel.


With a simple cross over to the other side of the street we dive into another world, a  neglected area, now becoming trendy and frequented by artists, called Yeldegirmen. Among the tattered buildings, facing the majestic Haydarpasa train station, we find a series of gigantic surreal murals commissioned by the Kadikoy municipality,  for an art festival in 2013.  


A short ride away we enter the district of Uskudar, walking down the hill we come to the lovely village of Kuzguncuk known for many things, it’s long history of religious tolerance, a hub for intellectuals, black sea villagers, a soft Bosphorus breeze and it’s traditional wooden houses looking over city garden. With some advance notice, the local synagogue will open it’s doors to us. 


We can then stop for a tea by the Bosphorus near the famous Izmet Baba Meyhane (tavern) before returning to Üsküdar for the ferries.

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